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Do You Need A Wedding Photo Singapore? Fall In Love Again With Amazing Pictures You Could Have

November 10 2020

• Create A List of Must-Have Group Photos • Choose the Must-Have Shots Pictures tell a story of the best thing that ever happened to you both. Think about seeing the blushing bride, the happy couple, the whole journey in a series of photographs, or the...

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Why Should Wedding Photos Singapore Be One of the 7 Deadly Sins?

October 9 2020 Published on #Wedding photography Singapore, #Wedding photography, #Wedding photos

See Our Work to Feel How We Work We Tell A Story That Lasts Props That Pump Up the Fun Choose any location for your wedding and let us know. Just Married Films captures the little things you do, declaration of your love amongst family and friends, and...

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3 Things That Might Happen in Wedding Photography, Singapore You Should Avoid

September 8 2020 Published on #Wedding photo, #Wedding photography, #Wedding photography Singapore

1. Quality Always Pays Best Over Budget 2. Avoid Quantity, Focus on Quality Clicks 3. Don’t Book Distant Accommodation Every couple dream of having a picture-perfect wedding, and it is one desire that should not go sideways. Choose a romantic venue, good...

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Reasons why you should hire a Wedding Videographer

July 25 2020 Published on #Wedding photography, #Wedding photographer, #Wedding photo

Many couples will question whether hiring a wedding videographer is crucial for their wedding day. For weddings where such a big sum of money is needed, some couples may find it overwhelming to allocate money for both a wedding photographer and videographer...

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Reasons to become a Wedding Photographer

July 21 2020 Published on #Wedding photo, #Wedding photographer, #Wedding photography, #Wedding photography Singapore

If you are reading this, you must have some interest in becoming a wedding photographer yourself. Wedding photography is also an extremely diverse genre in itself. From fine art wedding photography to photojournalism and traditional styles, you can explore...

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Guide to photographing Church Weddings in Singapore

July 20 2020 Published on #Wedding photo, #Wedding photographer, #Wedding photography, #Wedding photography Singapore

Held in a venue with historical value and stunning architectural features, a church wedding can be extremely beautiful. For Christians, declaring their marital vows in front of God also makes the wedding spiritually more special. Other than a grand exterior,...

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Guide to using Flash for Wedding Photography

July 17 2020 Published on #Wedding photo, #Wedding photographer, #Wedding photography, #Wedding photography Singapore

In photography, flash is a form of artificial light used mostly to illuminate a dark scene. Flash photography can also be overwhelming as you may not be sure how the flash will affect your photos for amateur photographers. For weddings where so much is...

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Guide to Choosing a Wedding Photography Style as a Amateur Photographer

July 16 2020 Published on #Wedding photo, #Wedding photographer, #Wedding photography, #Wedding photography Singapore

Every wedding photographer will have a wedding photography style that is their forte. These photography styles can range from traditional to fine art to photojournalism. The variety is endless. Your styles can also develop and change as you work with...

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Guide to Editing Photos after a Wedding

July 13 2020 Published on #Wedding photo, #Wedding photographer, #Wedding photography, #Wedding photography Singapore

As a wedding photographer, it is always advantageous to shoot in RAW. This allows you to manipulate your photographs in various ways to make a photo pop. You can convert your files to black and white which can make different photos look more powerful...

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Tips for Wedding Photography for Destination Weddings

July 11 2020 Published on #Wedding photo, #Wedding photographer, #Wedding photography

Destination wedding photography can be an exciting and fun experience for wedding photographers in Singapore especially since they get to be in a new environment and ideate new shots for their couples. However, it can also mean more time and energy has...

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